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July 22, 2013

Nightmares are more than simply disturbing; they interrupt people’s sleep processes and can cause extreme fatigue and anxiety. Most often, nightmares are associated with children, but just as many adults suffer from nightmares as youngsters. In fact, 50-percent of adults report experiencing a memorable nightmare, while as many as 2- to 8-percent of adults report […]

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Non-24 Hour Sleep Wake Disorders

July 15, 2013

Known as N24HSWD – Non-24 Hour Sleep Wake Disorder – is characterized as affecting the body’s normal 24-hour circadian rhythm synchronization. A subtype of this disorder is the Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder – Free Running Type, which is also known as Hypernychthemeral Syndrome. The human body contains an internal circadian clock that runs on a […]

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